Rent Space at the Avalon – old

for your class, workshop, meeting or other function

The Avalon, a project of the Boulder Dance Coalition, is a fantastic place to host your series or event. We offer easy access, abundant parking, and a variety of rentable space, ranging from dance studios with lovingly hand-laid cushioned floors to a spacious covered parking lot. No wonder the Avalon has been named Boulder County’s Best Place to Dance every year since 2015!

Leasing Calendar User Guide

Allow Plenty of Time

All special events must be contracted and paid in full at least 30 days in advance. Events booked on short notice are subject to a $150 rush fee.

Have Reasonable Expectations

All Avalon staff is part-time. Event Chaperones work only when there is a special event. Custodians work 2-3 hours a day depending on the activity level in the building. The Avalon Manager works 30 hours a week, usually on this schedule (subject to change):

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, noon-6pm, for public contact via email and phone, and for appointments at the building. (Tuesday and Thursday are used for back-office administrative duties and repairs and maintenance. The Leasing Office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.)
  • If you call on a weekend or a Tuesday or Thursday, we’ll get back to you on the next Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

(As a renter, you will get access to a phone number to reach the manager, if needed, on the day of your event.)

How to Rent

  1. Decide which room(s) or space(s) you’re interested in. See rental space details!
  2. Look at the leasing calendar for that space.
    • Important! Be sure you’re looking at the Lease Availability Calendar (see rental space details), not the dance calendar on our website.
    • Below each space’s picture is a link to the booking calendar. See if it is available for the date(s) needed.
  3. If you need to visit the space or have questions before applying, please contact our manager, Jim Schwartzkopff, at or 303-440-8303. To see the building, you must schedule an appointment. (The building is not open to just swing by.)
  4. Price. Prices vary according to usage and timing. Please send an email describing the activity, number of people, time of day, day of the week, and space you are interested in so we can quote you a price.
  5. Fill out and submit an application form. This document is your request to use the Avalon. (It does not constitute an agreement.) We’ll use information from this application to create a rental agreement.  You may simply copy and paste the questions from the form into an email and answer them.
  6. Frequently asked questions. Answers about chairs, tables, kitchen, parking, restrooms, drinking fountains, and a host of other information can be found at our FAQ page.
  7. Once you and our manager have agreed on price and specifics, we’ll issue a rental agreement and ask for a down payment.
  8. You accept the agreement (by email is fine; hard copy not required), get us the requested down payment (cash or check payable to the Boulder Dance Coalition), and start publicizing your event!
  9. Regular Renters: You can now book your own events! See the Leasing Calendar User Guide.

What’s so special about cushioned dance floors?

Dancers covet cushioned floors because multi-layered wood provides a cushioned surface, much easier on knee and ankle joints than other surfaces.

Since 1995, volunteers from the Boulder dance community have poured hundreds of hours into laying the wood floors in the Ballroom, Sodal Hall, the Tango Studio and, most recently, the Ballroom stage.

Please help us preserve the beauty of these floors! Be careful not to track sand or grit in, wipe your shoes on the lobby carpet before walking on the wood floors, and clean up any spills or broken glass immediately. As a renter, you will be expected to intervene if you see any of your guests having a negative impact on the floors.