Avalon COVID Use Policy

July 10, 2022: in effect until further notice


  • The Avalon no longer requires any level of vaccination to enter the buildingHowever, each dance group or leader is allowed to set their own requirements. Be aware that many groups require vaccination, booster and mask; check with your group leader before attending a dance.
  • Dancing is an intimate and often energetic activity. We still recommend vaccination and the wearing of masks.
  • We strongly encourage anyone who thinks they might have been exposed totake a rapid test at home before arriving at The Avalon and we encourage wearing a mask while dancing for a reasonable duration after a potentialexposure. Stay home if you have ANY symptoms of ANY illness.
  • Attendees must inform the event organizer or group leader if they have COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID within 1 week of attendance at an event.
  • Group leaders/organizers are required to inform attendees at events that they should notify the leader/organizer if they have COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID within 1 week after attending an event at the Avalon.
  • Organizers are then required to notify to attendees at the events where an exposure occurred and suggest testing AND to inform the Boulder Dance Coalition COVID team of any potential exposures at: covid@boulderdancecoalition.org.

Avalon Use Policy in the Time of COVID

In establishing this policy, we have considered the guidelines established by Boulder County, the State of Colorado, and the CDC. As the situation changes, this policy may change.


  • Because dancing is much more intimate than other indoor activities and therefore could be more apt to spread disease, 
  • And because our population skews older than the general population and is therefore at higher risk from severe disease, 
  • And because our HVAC system is not designed to neutralize viruses: our policy emphasizes community safety.
  • We especially recommend that those who are not vaccinated or boosted wear N95 or KN95 masks to protect others.