Avalon Rental – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent at the Avalon? 

Prices vary by:

  • Room(s) or space(s) at the Avalon being rented
  • Activity (reception? class? meeting? etc.)
  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Number of attendees
  • Whether your group is a member of the Boulder Dance Coalition
  • Whether your event will require Event Services or a security guard

To get a cost estimate, please refer to the standard rate chart; note that your price may vary.

What are the payment terms?

Terms, including the amount of the required down payment and a damage deposit, will be spelled out in the rental agreement. All 1-time events are required to be paid in full 30 days before the event begins. If you are booking an event to take place within 30 days, check with the manager for payment terms. Events booked on short notice are subject to a $150 rush fee.

Regular renters are billed at the end of each month for events held that month.

Can I pay with a credit card? 

No, please pay using cash or check made out to the Boulder Dance Coalition.

What amenities are there in the common areas?

  • Men’s and women’s multi-stall restrooms
  • Family bathroom
  • Drinking fountains
  • Coatroom
  • Entrance lobby

What tables and chairs do you have?

Renters can set up the following in any configuration you need:

  • (116) 4- ft. round tables
  • (6) 8-ft. rectangular tables
  • (6) 6-ft. rectangular tables
  • (2) 4-ft. rectangular tables
  • (260) dining chairs

Table and chair inventory can fluctuate. Be sure to double check our current status when you discuss your event with the manager.

Do you provide table linens?

Table linens are NOT provided. You must provide your own linens.

What are Event Services?

Event Services means there will be an Event Chaperone who unlocks the building, supervises use, troubleshoots equipment, checks on the state of the building at the end of the event, and locks up at the end. You and the manager will discuss the number of Event Services hours needed in your situation.

Do you have AV equipment?

Yes. Please click on the room/area name for details on the equipment in that area.

Ballroom                Sodal Hall                North Lobby               

Tango Studio                      Kitchen                 Parking Lot

Are children welcome at the Avalon?

Yes, we love children! Children attending events at the Avalon must be with a supervising adult and must stay with that adult in the area you have rented, preferably participating in the event. Children are not to play in the common areas, including the entrance lobby and bathrooms, unused dance spaces, or roam about the building.  

Can we bring in a caterer to use the kitchen?

Yes, but our kitchen is a serving kitchen only, not a prep kitchen. We have a refrigerator and a microwave but not ovens or stovetops. Make sure you engage a caterer who can do all the cooking off the premises.

Are there any restrictions on which caterer I use?

No, as long as your caterer understands they can’t cook at the Avalon. Upon request, we can share with you the list of caterers who regularly work at the Avalon.

Are there any restrictions on serving alcohol at our event?

  • All laws of the State of Colorado and the rules of Boulder County must be followed.
  • Alcohol shall not be served to or consumed by persons under the age of 21.
  • The sale of alcohol is prohibited unless the Renter has an appropriate liquor license from the State via Boulder County.
  • BYO (Bring Your Own) is permitted in some cases.
  • In all cases, you as the renter will be responsible for your guests’ restraint in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. You may forfeit the entire damage deposit if a complaint is filed by other users of the facility or neighbors as result of excessive intoxication.
  • For a Special Event liquor license, click here.

Under what circumstances is an event required to have and pay for a security guard?

  • Events of 200 or more people at which alcohol is served may be required to have a security guard.
  • We arrange for security guards with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department and the cost is $60 per hour.

How early can I get in on the day of my event?

Your rental agreement will spell out the hours when you have access to the building. If you have special requirements, such as equipment to be delivered, please schedule with the manager.