Hourly Rental Rates

SpaceOne-Time EventsRegular Renters: Non-MembersRegular Renters: Members
or per event rate* 
$150 5pm Friday–Sunday
$70 5pm Friday–Sunday
Sodal Hall$60$45$30
Boulder Tango Studio (BTS)$70$52.50$35
North Hall$50$37.50$25
Kitchen Studio$30$22.50$15
Parking LotVaries*Varies*Varies*
PrivatesN/A$20, floating room**$20, floating room**

*Contact The Avalon management for pricing according to your event requirements. Note that 1-time events require an “Event Chaperone,” at $30 per hour, and large events may also require security. Other fees may apply.

**Private lessons and practices (“privates”) are defined as one instructor plus one person or couple. If you teach privates or you practice with a partner, you’ll have a “privates” rate in your contract, which is lower than your regular rental rate. For example, your regular rate might be $45/hour, but your privates rate is only $20.

To make privates affordable and offer this lower rate, a private booking does not actually reserve a room: you can use whichever room is available at the time. That means privates don’t block a room that could otherwise be rented for a higher price. If you want to book a specific room for your session, then you will pay your regular rate. Refer to the Leasing Calendar User Guide.

†Member rates apply only for members with recurring rentals; for single or annual events, use the One-Time Events column.