Blues Dance Lessons ~ Kevin & Grace

Confident Blues Dance Lessons


The Confident Blues Dance instruction format is designed to help the beginning social dancer rapidly learn basic blues dance and blues-fusion dance in very simple and methodical (but not boring!) lessons. The lessons are designed to help dancers attain the confidence, competence, and enjoyment associated and required for social dance scenarios.

We Teach Social Blues (partner) Dance

The lessons are designed to get the new dancer onto the social dance floor within a very short period of time with confidence and competence, equipped with necessary skills for socials, meetups, live music and dance events . After completion of two to three series of our blues dance lessons, the newer dancer will be prepared to lead and/or follow to not only blues music, but to a wide variety of music styles.

Here’s what the newer dancer will learn in beginning through alternative blues dance lessons:

  • The blues “pulse” rhythms & steps movements
  • ·Safely lead and/or follow connections
  • ·Fun lead-follow turn techniques
  • ·Adornments, embellishments, stylized dips
  • ·Developing your own interpretive dance style
  • Etiquette and floor-craft
  • Blues music and blues dance history
  • Blues music theory and interpretation
  • Adding playfulness to your dance


Confident Blues Dance is lead by Kevin Kim & Grace Cooley, who have been dancing together for many years and teaching blues dance since 2015.