Arnie’s Glendi

A special Glendi on Saturday May 7 to celebrate the I-Really-Have-Turned-90 Hasapiko Master Arnie Guminski. His birthday was in January but we weren’t able to celebrate properly. Now we can! Food, music, dancing; take your pick, as much or as little as you like. There is plenty of space in the Avalon Ballroom; you can recline on couches, sit at tables, dance traditional Greek dances with the group (Arnie will lead a lot) or groove on your own.

We’ll have a potluck at 6 pm, and then the band will play 7- 9 pm. We will have our beloved musicians: James Hoskins, Julie Lancaster, Brett Bowen, Dexter Payne and Jesse Manno, and maybe a guest artist. Donations welcome as always.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Covid rates; Boulder County is up a little, but still pretty low. Avalon requires full vaccination but no boosters. We encourage masks (I’ll be wearing one to dance) and boosters. The space is well ventilated, with plenty of room to spread out.