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Boulder Ecstatic Dance | Social Dance

Boulder Ecstatic Dance (BED) is a weekly ecstatic dance hosted every Sunday evening at either the Avalon Ballroom or Nevei Kodesh (check our social pages for where dance is for the week). Each week we have amazing movement facilitators teach a dance lab from 6:30 – 7:15pm. Closing circle of dance lab and opening circle of the main dance from 7:15 – 7:25. Main dance starts around 7:25/7:30. Dance ends around 9:15 and closing from 9:15 – 9:30. We have had artist such as Equanimous, Liquid Bloom, Skysia, Orenda, Akriza, Geometrae, Tahum, Scott Nice, Yamanjo, VOLO, David Satori to name a few. Co-produced by local event producers Danny Balgooyen and Robin Leipman, this dance is a special experience in that we have local offerings by community members each week such as tea service, massage, readings, squish space, local artist, and more.

About Ecstatic Dance:

Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance meditation that encourages you to express oneself through movement with the support of an intentionally curated musical journey. The ‘ecstatic’ aspect refers to spontaneous and unrestrained movement, without concern for the aesthetics of the dance. By allowing ourselves to freely dance, we can express emotion and release stress or tension stored in our bodies. Ecstatic Dance provides a safe space to embark on a journey designed to encourage deeper connection with ourselves and others. Interaction and connection on the dance floor is encouraged. When desiring to dance with another, we are mindful, sensitive and slow, listening for their body’s “YES.” Some invitations are: mirroring their dance moves, dancing in negative space around someone, offering a hand, making eye contact and smiling. If they turn away or offer prayer hands in front of their heart, this is their “NO.” There is no rejection, only an honoring of ourselves and each other. We don’t make someone’s no about us, instead redirecting ourselves and continuing to dance. If someone isn’t listening to your no, being inappropriate or causing you to feel uncomfortable, please tell someone on the BED team immediately.

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