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Boulder Dance Coalition | Organization

The Boulder Dance Coalition (BDC) is a coalition of groups and individuals that are committed to promulgating traditional participatory art forms – that is, art forms in which you can join in – such as dance, music, singing, and storytelling. The majority of the groups do participatory dance. For more information, see Who We Are.

The Avalon

The Boulder Dance Coalition provides The Avalon as a space for dance and folk arts. We also support the local dance and folk arts community with our web site. Most events at The Avalon are run by BDC group member organizations.

If you would like to host an Event at The Avalon, such as a wedding or private party, see Avalon Rental.

Avalon Work Party – Come support The Avalon and the Boulder Dance Coalition

This community building event takes place approximately one Saturday per season as is practical. The Avalon Work Party is excellent way to support the local dance infrastructure, make new friends, learn some new skills and feel a sense of pride and ownership in the development of one of Boulder’s most beloved dance venues. There are many types of jobs, great leadership and you will be rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment.

International Festival

Celebrating the cultures of the world and international friendship during a 3-day festival of dancing in the street! For more information, see International Festival.

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Larry Utter, President



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