Clown Dance Class

Ciao! C’est la vie. Clown and poetry.

“To be yourself, just yourself, is a great thing. And how does one do it, how does one bring it about? Ah, that’s the most difficult trick of all. It’s difficult just because it involves no effort. You try neither to be one thing or another, neither great nor small, neither clever nor maladroit… you follow me?”
— Henry Miller, “The Smile at the foot of the Ladder”

-No previous experience is required-

Come, dance, enjoy*

Cost: $15 for one evening ($120 for 10 punch pass valid 3 mo)
Student: $10


April Fool’s Day – Clown Dance Class

April Fool’s Day – Clown Dance

@ The Avalon Ballroom

Monday, April 1rst, 2019, from 5:30 to 7pm


NO FEE: free donation! (for everyone, regular students included)

– Clown Dance Class is for adults but children are welcome –

Come, smile, enjoy*