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Guli Productions, with the Rocky Mountain Vintage Dancers | Social Dance

The Rocky Mountain Vintage Dancers are not a club, but instead a friendly group of folks from up and down the Front Range who share the joy of dressing up in old-fashioned styles and dancing the steps of generations past. We come from Laramie, WY to Albuquerque, NM and beyond, and get together whenever possible at vintage dance events hosted by Sharon Guli of Guli Productions, as well as those hosted by others. We are not a stuffy lot, and laugh freely and often. Whether you have two left feet, are single or not, have a zipper up the back of your dress or have hand-stitched your corset’s eyelet-holes, all are welcome. We invite you to come join us on the dance floor at one of our upcoming events, and please don’t be shy to introduce yourself so we can bring you into our dancing circle of friendship.

Our Historic Dance Instructor, Sharon Guli of Guli Productions, brings to each ballroom a pleasant and lively mix of both the old and the new — historically-correct vintage pieces, simplified versions that are easier for modern, untrained folks, and a few contemporary selections which maintain the flavor and feel of past times. During breaks in the music, she shares entertaining information on the history of the dances and the etiquette of these bygone eras. Sharon keeps things relaxed with light banter, an eagerness to encourage new dancers, and a clear, easy way of explaining the steps so all can understand and participate. For over 25 years, she has researched and performed at dance events, workshops, and festivals, including those in the United States, Italy, France, England, and Russia

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