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Clown Dance Class | Social Dance

Clown Dance Class by Petso

Hi, I am Petso. I am a clown in my life and dreams. I love ordinary poetry, laughter and genuine smile, being together, playing and inspiring each other.

Through storytelling, art of clown and illustration, Petso Dreaming Show aspires to share joy and poetry with everyone, and particularly with children.

With or without red nose, let’s follow our heart!


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Discover more about clown Petso here on Petso Dreaming Show’s YouTube channel:

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“To be yourself, just yourself, is a great thing. And how does one do it, how does one bring it about? Ah, that’s the most difficult trick of all. It’s difficult just because it involves no effort. You try neither to be one thing or another, neither great nor small, neither clever nor maladroit… you follow me?”
— Henry Miller, “The Smile at the foot of the Ladder”

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Clown Petso



Sep 2021

Monday September 27th 2021
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
International, Other
The Avalon, Sodal Hall
6185 Arapahoe Rd
Boulder, CO United States

Emeric Thuret: 303-929-9374 - petsodreamingshow@gmail.com

-------- TEMPORARILY CANCELED -------- For more info contact: petsodreamingshow@gmail.com - - - - - - - - Clown Dance Class explores clowning in movement & poetry. We can say there is a "handmade" quality to these expressions of our creativity. It reaches to our inner child and exposes the principles of a sacred theater. The class is for everyone, performers and non performers alike. No previous experience is required. Come, dance, enjoy* Ciao :-) - - - - - -…

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